Happy Tails

EEASEL's mission is to end the killing of unwanted animals in Mercer County, through the power of collaborative coalitions and community alliances.

Our vision is a community where the human-animal bond is strong and an environment of respect for living creatures guarantees animals a healthy indoor home or safe habitat.

DAZZY at home on May 31

Dazzy is lving on her 60+ acre farm and having a great time with her new parents, brother and sister. She thanks everyone for fixing her and says she feels great.




EASEL is a fantastic organization and it is encouraging to know that there
is follow-up on adoptees!

Everything is fine here. I adopted "Danny" on 11/2/13; her name was changed
to "Bella", since from day one I kept telling her how bella she is and she responded
to it as if it were her name. Dr. K at WTAH  checked her out and gave his blessing
as to her health.

She gets along very well with my other dog, Bubba. I immediately started training
her on the treadmill with Bubba, and they quickly bonded.

She was well along in her training when I got her -  thanks to her foster - and she
is a joy to walk on our park excursions. She is always on her best behavior in public.
I also have a fenced backyard where she enjoys romping around and a rousing
game of tug of war with Bubba. 

Initially, she was very much on guard with every new sound or new person, but
has become more relaxed and joyful. Every day she reveals just how intelligent
and sweet she is - my friends just love her.  Such a very good dog!

Thanks for asking,


"Maddie is doing great. Check her out with our kids"


Libby (Olivia) is doing great. We adopted her in November of 2012 I believe it was.
And she made herself right at home.

She is the white one here.  She had been fostered at Regina savidge's home
that's how we originally came across her and later adopted her.


"Max (Alfie now - my cousin's son is named Max...) is great!"


I adopted Marley from your shelter in July of last year. He is doing great with us!
He really has become an internal part of our family. I also want to thank you for
referring us to Diane with Teacher's Pet Training. The session we had with her
completely turned around his negative behavior, and really made him a joy to own.



Our new kitty is doing great! We named her Zuma, after Zuma Beach in Malibu, CA. She absolutely lives up to her name. You might remember her from the "little" picture, she is gray and white, and we got her back in June. now she is all grown up, loves her big brother Buddy the dog, especially his tail! They are the best companions, and literally follow each other all around the house, all day long. She is very people oriented, and very affectionate. We could not have asked for a better personality nor addition to the family.

Thank you for the follow-up, and I certainly wish you the best of luck in placing all of the other pets - we were certainly lucky to have found Zuma.



Thanks for checking in on Todd! He is going by the name Remy and is loving life! I can't believe I've been his mama for over two months already--can't imagine my life without my little fuzz! He loves the snow (so much that he'll eat it to the point where it makes him sick), playing with his Uncle Zori (my parent's dog), and ripping apart any and all toys he can get his paws on. He's brought me so much happiness and I just adore him!




Stan (aka Lord Stanley) is doing really well. I can't believe we have had him for over a year now. He is such sweet cat. He greets us at the door when we come home from work to get some belly rubs, and enjoys stretching out on the carpet or snuggling on the couch. He is also pretty good at playing fetch and loves playtime of any sort. He's been healthy and happy, and we are so happy to have him in our lives!



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