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Bella & Bubba





EASEL is a fantastic organization and it is encouraging to know that there is follow-up on adoptees!Everything is fine here. I adopted "Danny" on 11/2/13; her name was changed to "Bella", since from day one I kept telling her how bella she is and she responded to it as if it were her name. Dr. K at WTAH  checked her out and gave his blessing as to her health. She gets along very well with my other dog, Bubba. I immediately started training her on the treadmill with Bubba, and they quickly bonded.She was well along in her training when I got her -  thanks to her foster - and she is a joy to walk on our park excursions. She is always on her best behavior in public. I also have a fenced backyard where she enjoys romping around and a rousing game of tug of war with Bubba.Initially, she was very much on guard with every new sound or new person, but has become more relaxed and joyful. Every day she reveals just how intelligent and sweet she is - my friends just love her.  Such a very good dog!
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