Volunteer Opportunities for Kids

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Can kids volunteer?  Absolutely! 

Here are some of the ways kids have helped us in the past

1. Host a donation drive. Set up a collection box at school, a local community center, your parents office, etc. and collects the supplies we need most. You can find a detailed wishlist on our website www.easelnj.org/wishlist.

2. Donate part of your birthday! Instead of asking for gifts, ask for a monetary or a donation from our wishlist (www.easelnj.org/wishlist) in honor of the birthday girl or boy. At www.easelnj.org/donate, guests can make donations. Or create your own party at www.ECHOage.com, This sites lets you create a party invitation, send it out to guests. Guests make a donation -- half goes to presents for your kid, half goes to our rescue.

3. Earn some allowance... and give it to our critters! Set a monetary goal and work you’re your parents to do some odd jobs around the house. Once the goal has been accomplished, email cridorfino@easelnj.org or call us to set up a time for you to bring it to us in person so that we can be ready with a big thank you!!! If you don’t live close enough to visit, you can send in your donation with a super sweet note, which we’ll post on our Facebook page.

4. Start a chain email or a post on Facebook asking friends and family to donate money or supplies to this cool cause that you really believe in: animal rescue! Tell them why you care about animals, why you support EASEL Animal Rescue League, and include a picture of a dog or cat if you can. (We have plenty pictures if you’d like us to send you one! Just send a request to cridorfino@easelnj.org or pull one off of our Facebook page.) Let your email recipients know that they can make a major impact by donating money or supplies, and that they can make donations to us with a few simple clicks. You might say something like, "HEY FRIENDS! YOUR DONATION SAVES LIVES! Click HERE to donate money for sick and injured animal veterinary care. And "like" this rescue on Facebook HERE -- the more awareness we raise, the more lives we can save!" Then ASK YOUR RECIPIENTS TO FORWARD THE EMAIL to as many people as they know.

5. Hand our fliers. Stop by EASEL during our regular hours and ask for a stack of flyers that you guys can walk around the neighborhood and hand out together. (Kids must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.) You’d be surprised at how many people who live just a block or two away don’t know about what we do. Again, the more awareness we raise, the more lives we can save! (Please email us cridorfino@easelnj.org to let us know you're coming so we have a stack of fliers ready for you.)

6. Go door to door. First, get a donation collection form from us. You can either stop by in person, or we can send you one to print up yourself via email. (Let us know you need one at cridorfino@easelnj.org.) Then take a stroll around your apartment building or neighborhood knocking on doors, explaining the cause you're supporting, and asking for donations. Make sure you have a parent with you. Once you're done collecting, come to our trailer to deliver the donations. Let us know in advance that you're coming so we can have a thank you prepared.

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