Behavior Training

Training can make a critical difference in a animal's life, particularly an animal who is homeless and exhibits behavior that would discourage adoption. EASEL makes an effort to evaluate our animals and provide them with the training they need to overcome bad habits, if any exist.

For cats, we socialize them when needed, particularly when we have them during their formative kitten stages. For older cats, we work on shyness or confidence issues, as well as things like litter training or destructive scratching. EASEL draws on the years of experience among our cat volunteers to deal with most issues. If necessary, EASEL can reach out to one of our partner organizations for advice or assistance.

For dogs, our volunteers work with professional trainers to do basic obedience training and work on issues like confidence or lack of focus. In more serious cases, EASEL works on helping abused dogs overcome fear issues or misdirected aggression brought on by fear. Where needed, EASEL performs temperament tests and employs various techniques to overcome any issues that we discover. Our volunteers do dog introductions when needed, and we can provide in-home assessments to help a newly adopted dog adjust to their new environment. If on-going training is needed, we can recommend a trainer who can help.

For any household pet, we encourage training before taking your pet to a shelter.  Training is much more effective in a home than at a shelter. Many issues can be resolved with some basic techniques and consistency. Giving up a companion should always be a last resort.

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