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We could not save as many shelter pets as we do without our incredible foster network. A foster provides temporary living until a permanent home is found. We rescue many animals from high kill shelters where if an animal isn’t adopted quickly — sometimes a matter of days — it will be euthanized. EASEL believes Every Animal Should Enjoy Life. Simply, the more foster homes we have, the more animals we can save.

How to Become a Foster

You can contact the Foster Coordinator at 609-883-0540 for more information and we encourage you to submit an online foster application for a cat or a dog, or Foster Application PDF. Our Foster Coordinator will contact you to evaluate your household arrangements and personal preferences in order to match you with a homeless animal. One home can make the difference.

Foster Animals

Animals in need of foster care may include:
• Kittens or puppies that are too young to be adopted
• Cats and dogs that would benefit from increased socialization or exposure to other household pets
• Cats and dogs that would benefit from learning good manners
• Ill or injured animals needing recovery time
• Older cats and dogs that are accustomed to living in a home as a companion pet
• Cats and dogs who find shelter living stressful preferring quieter, relaxed environments
• Cats and dogs rescued from euthanization at other facilities
• Cats and dogs who can provide us valuable space when our shelter is full for new intakes

Foster Period

It depends upon the animal. It may range from a few days to several months or more. We can provide you a better estimate before you take him/her home.

What’s Required of a Foster

• Your job is to love, care for, feed, and provide a safe, nurturing environment until a forever family is found.
• While the animal is in the foster program, EASEL will be responsible for all of the animal’s medical treatment (including medications and vaccinations) so visits may be required from time-to-time.
• Bringing your foster pet to three EASEL Adoption Day events a month.
• Arranging to meet potential adopters.

Benefits of Fostering

• Lots of happy licks and tail wagging from your shelter animal
• For most animals, EASEL will promote your foster as an available adoptee on PetFinder
• An opportunity to have a companion pet without a life-long commitment
• An enriching and rewarding experience!
• An appreciative companion and knowing you saved a life

One home DOES make a difference.

Foster mom and shelter kitten. Fostering a pet helps make them more adoptable and saves a life too!