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As the leader in the no-kill movement, EASEL Animal Rescue League is recognized for its many outstanding, integrated programs including its Adoption Program, Volunteer Program, Foster Program, Humane Education Program, and TNR Program.

Adoption Program

Before adopting out a pet, we spay/neuter, microchip, and provide necessary medical examinations and vaccinations to virtually every animal adopted. We pride ourselves on finding a good match for the adopting family and adopted animal based on preferences, needs, and lifestyles. Learn more about how to adopt.

Volunteer Program

Our dedicated volunteers are why EASEL Animal League is a success.  Learn more about the many ways that you can be part of this dynamic team who saves lives every day on our volunteer page.

Foster Program

We could not save as many shelter pets as we do without our incredible foster network. You can enjoy the many benefits of being of foster while providing a safe, nurturing environment to a shelter dog or cat until a permanent home is found. Learn more about our rewarding foster program on our foster page.

Humane Education Program

EASEL Animal Rescue League uses its educational programs to strengthen our communities through partnership, information, inspiration and our expertise. We promote responsible pet ownership and the benefits of spaying, neutering, microchipping, and safe environments.

We further our mission by sharing our “no-kill” shelter guidelines and advancing animal welfare issues and compassion towards animal rights. We actively engage and welcome groups on-site. EASEL is also out in the community year-round educating on the facts of the proper treatment of domestic animals, the facts of overpopulation, and how every one of us can help reduce the number of unwanted animals — many that end up in shelters and euthanized.

TNR Program

One of our most successful programs is EASEL’s Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) program that reduces the number of unwanted cats roaming the streets. We trap members of outdoor cat colonies providing a health check, give them rabies vaccinations, and spay/neuter them. Kittens and adult cats comfortable with human interaction can be adopted. Feral cats are returned to their home territory after being altered and can be identified by a small notch in their ear.  TNR has been very successful in reducing the size of cat colonies over time.

EASEL can provide traps, training and other resources for local residents. For information, email us at

We are most appreciative of Forgotten Cats, Dr. Duggan, and Dr. Johnson who handle EASEL’s feral cat surgeries. Forgotten Cats may be able to provide assistance as well. We commend these organizations in helping to reduce feral cat populations.


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