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Angela States Vet Guardian Fund

The Angela States Guardian Fund has been instrumental in providing EASEL with financial support to partially or fully fund significant medical procedures or surgeries that help animals in need. The Fund is used in situations where shelter pet care is urgently needed or cost would impact adoptability. It is also used when owners in our area cannot afford to treat their pets.

Since its inception, the Angela States Guardian Fund has helped a total of 44 cats and dogs. Below are a sample of the wonderful animals helped.

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Powder was adopted from EASEL back in 2019 as a companion for Mrs. E and was a perfect fit. About a year later, Powder developed a painful limp and was diagnosed with a patellar luxation. After attempts to use rest and medications, it turned out that he needed and expensive lateral suture and MPL surgery. Mrs. E is retired and on a fixed income, so the Fund provided the money she needed to get her best friend healed. Powder made a full recovery and is doing great.


Juno was abandoned outside and came to EASEL as part of a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) project. She had difficulty breathing and was diagnosed with a diaphragmatic hernia (hole in the diaphragm separating her chest and abdominal cavities). Her hernia was repaired via a complex surgical procedure at a specialty hospital. Once fully healed, Juno was adopted and lives with her new family nearby.


Adam was born in the home of a senior citizen who could not afford to provide veterinary care for all of his cats, and ended up with 11 unplanned kittens. EASEL helped Mr. S. with spay/neuter and vet care for the adults, and find homes for the kittens. Sweet little Adam had difficulty breathing and couldn’t run and play with his siblings. He was diagnosed with pectus excavatum (a deformity in the chest bones). Fortunately, we were able to get Adam’s chest repaired at a specialty hospital. After healing completely, Adam was adopted and lives with an active family, running and playing with the children and his new cat buddy.


Remus (senior dog) was found as a stray and taken to a high-volume shelter, where they found he had heartworm. This is a serious and potentially fatal disease that is costly to treat, greatly limiting the potential pool of adopters. However, EASEL is able to provide the recommended type of veterinary care that has a high success rate for curing the disease. So, Remus was transferred to us, began his treatment, and was adopted.


Tiger (senior cat) was brought in by his owner, a senior citizen on Social Security. He was diagnosed with diabetes. Ms. S. couldn’t afford his medication and she wanted to surrender him to us, but was thrilled to learn that we could help her keep Tiger instead! Our wonderful vet staff taught Ms. S. how to give Tiger his insulin and EASEL was able to provide the medication along with special food for him.


Mia (senior cat) and her lifelong companion, Dillon, were surrendered to EASEL by an owner whose health issues sadly prevented her from keeping her pets. A senior citizen stepped up to adopt both cats, and when Mia was acting too quiet, Ms. K. asked EASEL for help. It turned out that 11 year old Mia had a heart condition, but it’s manageable with medications and a diet change.